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Born in Italy in late 80s, Giacomo began to develop his passion for all what concern techno and house music at young age, moreover as a very expert in music he is only a vinyl buyer, granted him an extensive depth of musical knowledge and intuition.
A really party addicted Giacomo loves dancefloor feeling which always help him to escape from weekly problems and from real life.
In few years since he discovered the clubbing, Giacomo decided to start play music by trying his father technics who was dj in 70s and after an year of completion training, at 17 he began playing gigs in and around the city. An important step has been taken in 2008 joining HUND as a member, it served as a platform upon which to shape his musical vision.
His first approach to the music production  was close to 2013 and after two years he released his first single on Fizical Records in collaboration with his friend Iar.
From this first release onwards, there has been huge growth so much so he submitted a lot of stuff on Baile Musik (Germany),Coquette Records(Romania) and Honne Music (Mexico).
This personal development comes from a blend of an incessant research and depth music culture which continue to motivate him through the years.

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